How to get rid of sleeplessness

Sleeplessness is more dangerous, than it is accepted to think. For some people of 50 years often normal falling asleep is a becomes a problem as they get older. The consequence of it is feeling sick next day. And not only this, constant sleep debt threatens with decrease in protective forces of an organism and to the person various sores stick. A dream – the first friend of immunity: while we sleep, in an organism melatonin – hormone which helps immunity is actively produced. Physicians assure that in most cases sleeplessness – the consequence of strong mental tension.

If sleeplessness is not a consequence of any disease, to cure it in house conditions quite perhaps.

How to get rid of sleeplessness?

The first main rule for people, with the increased nervous excitability – to exclude before going to bed occupations which can provoke a sleep disorder. Namely: brainwork, viewing of “horror films”, smoking. It is very important to adjust the hour mode of a dream and wakefulness. Before going to bed it is undesirable to solve serious problems or to load itself with hard work. It can create emotional pressure, provoke emergence of headaches and disturb thoughts. It is better to postpone important issues until morning.

It is well slept in days when not only brains, but also a body in plenty worked. Try to make evening walks regularly. Or take the evening subscription in the pool. The sound healthy sleep will be guaranteed to you.

Quicker the heat bath with sea salt and the calming oils, especially, in a complex with the weakening massage and respiratory gymnastics will help to fall asleep and overcome sleeplessness. At the same time, it is necessary to relax and enjoy silence completely.

Strong impact on ability to fall asleep is exerted by the atmosphere of the room in which the person sleeps. Are suitable for a bedroom quiet, neutral tone, bed linen of warm pastel shades from natural fabrics more. Before going to bed it is necessary to air the room.

It is better to sleep on a back or on one side, on a convenient bed and a good mattress, it is desirable orthopedic.

Under a pillow which has to be small and rather soft it is possible to enclose a sack with a weeds – crumpled or a lavender. Their aroma weakens, calms and helps to fall asleep rather.

Accept tea from fennel and tincture from a wormwood

Fennel has many useful properties, among them – and fight against sleeplessness. Recipe of tea: 1 tablespoon of the crushed grass is filled in with a glass of boiled water and about two hours infuse. If there is no fresh fennel, it is possible to use 2 h l. the crushed seeds. It is necessary to drink on a half-glass 3 times a day to food and 1 glass for the night.
Wormwood – the best means for fight against sleeplessness. Recipe of tincture simple: Or a grass of a wormwood ordinary to draw 1-2 tablespoons of roots in 2 glasses of boiled water within 2 hours.

Drinking before going to bed.

These prescription grass sedatives help a little, calm, accelerate falling asleep. It is proved long ago.
The dream loves observance of the mode. You go to bed in night-time because then melatonin which helps human organs and animals to switch in the night mode begins to be emitted hormone.
It is also important to provide a certain period from wakefulness to a dream and vice versa. 1 hour that there was no vigorous activity is usually recommended: dances, physical activities, viewing of exciting movies, broadcasts, a game on the computer that the person could switch slowly, be prepared for a dream.

At young age (to 30) it is indifferent what mode of a dream to choose. At first the organism will not feel any consequences because at it margin of safety is big. If to approach it from the point of view of science, then most of people is genetically programmed on duration of a dream from 7 to 8 hours. Almost all people sleep 7-8 hours. If you notice that you sleep, for example, 7,5 hours, then set the mode – lay down at 23 o’clock, get up at 6:30. Or you lay down at 0 o’clock and get up at 7:30. The difference is not basic at 1-2 o’clock. Accustom yourself to the constant schedule. It is checked, it helps.

These doesn’t help to have a good dream:

  • Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes.
  • Diseases. More often than others: depression, arterial hypertension, diabetes.
  • Age. By an old age duration of a dream is normal reduced, but the psychological need for it remains former.
  • Drugs, grass. Psychostimulators, some antidepressants and neuroleptics. Overdose or cancellation of demulcents.
  • Intensive physical and intellectual activities shortly before a dream.
  • Plentiful dinner. Not to eat up before going to bed much better, than to overeat. But drives a dream away and absolutely empty stomach. It is better to eat several hours prior to a dream easy food – cottage cheese, milk porridge, boiled vegetables, fish, and before going to bed if appetite has an effect, to drink a glass of kefir or milk.

The most important for successful fight against sleeplessness – to cease to take it very much to heart. Harm to an organism is caused not so much by sleeplessness, how many constant experiences because of it.

Good luck!