10 most harmful products for your health

Nobody needs an explanation, the healthy nutrition therefore all who care for the health – need to refuse the use of the most harmful food is how important for our health, or at least to minimize the use of such products.

1. Chips. Potato already in itself is not a useful product in what look it would not be made. And from chips in general from it there is no nothing left natural: one carcinogens, oil, fragrances and amplifiers of taste. Frequent eating of chips threatens with oncological diseases, and also problems with weight. Most it is possible to tell also about French fries.

2. Aerated water. Colored water with bubbles is much more harmful, than the gouache diluted in water and divorced with sugar. There is an opinion that it is the best of all to wash down fast food with aerated water, however it not so: aerated water dulls feeling of hunger, thereby forcing to eat one more hamburger. By the way, Coca-Cola Light is not better than usual Kola, it contains substitute of sugar which is many times more harmful than it.

3. Fast food. It is very obvious that this product will be included in the list of the most harmful. Try to call though its some pluses, except speed and low cost. They are absent. Quickly to satisfy hunger, it is possible to make similar sandwich from cheese, vegetables, lettuce leaves, shrimps. And, that any sauce and mayonnaise.

4. Mayonnaise. It is about store mayonnaise. If to stop this product in the use, then it is possible to notice how in few weeks of centimeters in a waist will become much less. It is possible to add both ketchup and various sauces to number of mayonnaise. They contain fragrances, fats and amplifiers of taste, and there are no natural components in them. It is better to replace all this with low-fat sour cream. So will be more tasty, and more usefully.

5. Salt and sugar. It is known that both salt, and sugar is white death. Salt interferes with passing of water in an organism and is laid in the most unnecessary places. With sugar, it is more and more obvious – to all who grow thin – it is the enemy No 1. It is completely impossible to refuse these products, but if to salt insufficiently food, then soon it is possible to get used to natural taste of products, innocent I will merge. And sugar should be replaced with honey.

6. Alcohol. Everyone knows about harm of this product. To take alcoholic beverages of times a week is already alcoholism, not to know how to spend a holiday soberly – too. For a start, it is worth refusing cheap alcohol as bottle beer and wine in a tetra pack.

7. Sausages, smoked products. Who knows from what sausages and how many are made for them weeks. The pickles and smoking of meat is necessary only in order that it was stored longer. Naturally, useful elements disappear over time, and here the cadaveric phenomena in sausage do not stop. But you will not notice it, fragrances and amplifiers of taste add to sausages.

8. Fried. Cooking on sunflower oil or margarine kills in food all useful properties and at the same time spreads carcinogens. Plus, to everything, during frying a part of liquid in a product is replaced with oil that does full of calorie dishes even higher. As option, it is possible to fry slightly products to a crust, and then to finish preparation of a dish in a double boiler or an oven.

9. Sweet. It is possible to distinguish fruit jelly, chewing candies, lollipops from harmful sweets. They are much more harmful, than a piece of cake. All the matter is that they contain in large quantities artificial dyes and fragrances. If there is a wish for some sweet, try to eat honey, dried fruits if chocolate – surely bitter.

10. White loaf. Here all flour products belong. Fresh rolls or white loaf very tasty, however, in such bakery products there is no nothing left useful at all. All the matter is that flour for their production is cleaned already off from nutritious cellulose. So, it is better to use whole-grain bread – it much more usefully.