Pros & Cons of having a car as a student

Hello, dear reader! Today we bring to your attention very important question which concerns practically all male part of the youth population. It will be a question of the car for the student.

The car for the student: in total pros and cons

student carWhether the car is necessary to the student? What gives the individual transport and what duties it imposes on the person? We decided to understand it, and it will be … the honest detective. Joke:) It will be as always useful recommendations for you since we will try to estimate objectively all pluses and minuses of the car for the student.

So, for a start let’s understand whether the car is necessary after all to the student? Someone will tell yes, at once is necessary, someone is not present, is not necessary.

Here opinions will be halved approximately since at each of you, dear readers, the vital conditions. Someone lives in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and someone in the small town or the village.

Respectively each of you will have an individual need for the car, and therefore, the own answer to a question: Whether the car is necessary to the student?
The car for the student is an indicator of its greatness.

Probably, one of the most telling arguments in favor of that you bought the car consists that the car is an indicator of your situation among similar. What usually people imagine the student?

The student is a person with abstracts and books who attends lectures and goes on occupations by the bus or by the subway. And here you, arrive by own car for study … Of course, all all eyes will be attracted to your person.

And, if you now in search of the girl, then the status of “driver” precisely helps you with it. Students go crazy just from guys who have an own car. Of course, if it is not the old car of 1972 🙂

The car has to correspond to your status therefore if you want to make an impression on people, buy that got, and at least the quite good XXI centuries domestic car of release. At everyone the tastes who likes “ten”, to whom “ninety ninth”.

We cannot advise something concrete to you. Just you remember that the car is your reflection. If it is not well-groomed and dirty, then people will think of you in the same way. Therefore, think that you buy.

Other argument pro is the fact that some students study not in the large cities, and in branches. Therefore they have an opportunity to live not in the hostel, and at home.

In this regard they have to go every day by the bus to university and back. And student’s buses if you do not know – it are something. Always the grandmothers overflowed plus still sometimes with saplings on the dacha go … Then in general hardly you get.

Another matter own car. Quietly woke up, without thinking of whether you will stand all road or to sit, got into the own car and went with peace of mind to study. By the way, it is possible to carry so every day people for money.

You all the same one go. Therefore you drive up to a stop where people wait for the bus and you speak: “Who wants to reach by car to … at the price of the ticket of the bus?” Here to you and still, by the way, an example of a side job for the student. Only you watch that taxi drivers of it did not see, and that they those still boys … Generally, be accurate in this case.

Then spare parts, tires, oil, gasoline pumps will go … The eternal list of constantly breaking spare parts. Also you remember, the car is more senior, the more in it something will break. Here for a long time the return proportionality is noticed.

By the way, here to you still an occasion to buy the car more or less new. Though it also is more expensive, however on spare parts and all the friend you will save more.

One more minus of purchase of a car for the student is that you have to be able to do to cope at least at basic level with breakages. For example, to replace a wheel, to check ignition, etc.

Each driver has to be able to do these most elementary things! If you are not even able to make it, then the car is contraindicated to you. And in general, it would be quite good that you could if that happens, independently to repair the car.

However do not forget that you the student and to you is no time to roll under car in the evenings. You need to study. What exit from this situation? There are two possible solutions: or you find someone from the relatives (the father, the grandfather) who will repair your car if something happens to it, or you pay the sum to car service and to you there everything will be made by professionals. Besides, you pay. From where you have so much money?


The car – it is very honorable for the student. It is possible to make an impression on people around, namely most of people, especially among youth tries to obtain it. If you look for the soulmate, then existence of the car increases your chances. The main thing that the car was well-groomed since it will be reflection of your situation in society. Neither it is more, nor it is less!