About Cambridge University

Cambridge University

The Cambridge University (known as University of Cambridge), one of the oldest universities of Europe and the second for antiquity in Great Britain, was founded in 1209 by the scientists who left university of Oxford because of the conflict with local population. In 1214 they developed the set of rules and laws which became a basis of the academic and everyday life of university of Cambridge. Besides religious studies (theology), the first Cambridge students studied philosophy, logic, mathematics and classic languages. Later others were added to the list of obligatory objects exact and the humanities.

The oldest building of university Cambridge, so-called. Pythagoras’s school, it was constructed to foundation of university, in 1200. The first college, Peterhouse, was founded in 1284. Currently in Cambridge 31 colleges, including actually colleges, so-called “hostels” (halls) and Peterhouse mentioned above.

Cambridge university – one of the most ancient and conservative universities of the world and any student of this higher education institution it becomes inevitable a part of centuries-old Cambridge traditions. For example, to the worst student the symbolical wooden spoon was given. Last time the similar spoon of the size of an oar was given in 1909 to K. Holtkhaus, the student of college of St John. Some colleges let in the dining room only in the official clothes consisting of a dark suit, a student’s cloak and a quadrangular cap with a brush. At receipt each student is obliged to pass the matriculation ceremony consisting in a pronunciation of an oath of the student in Latin before chancellors of university. Also, the procedure of release during which the student also says an oath in Latin and changes the old cloak on new, corresponding to the new degree received by it is not less solemn. The procedure of release takes place in the building of the Senate House, and students are allowed to a ceremony on a seniority, in strict accordance with time of foundation of college. Besides, each college has specific traditions and ceremonies.