How to stay healthy during college years?

For many student’s years become the happiest, it is a combination of youth, novelty and impressions. The first “adult” vital difficulties, the first love, the first disappointment fall on this period …

Several years life boil, examinations and offsets are replaced by collective visits of cinema and with a disco, and lectures – moonlight walks. The only thing what students lack time for – to think of the health. It seems to them that tablets and sores – destiny of old men therefore many gain the diploma together with a bouquet … No, not flowers, but diseases.
Protect health from the youth!

We got used to hear that we build the future. And here it is not only about career, education, but also about health. At the beginning of life our mental and physical health in many respects depends on parents. They “lay the foundation”. And further everything depends on ourselves. Interestingly, what will live on “the top floors” if “averages” are constructed of poor material? I think, such “building” long will not stay.

As bothers to listen from parents that smoking is a harm, and it is better to take a lunch with itself from the house. And still daily reminders that it is necessary to protect the head and a waist from cold.

Also the student imagines such picture: all fashionable and abrupt (they smoke), and it stands apart one in a warm shapeless jacket moreover and with a string-bag in a hand. And there is a wish to be soul of the company and to make an impression on fellow students.

And years in forty those who were so abrupt and fashionable in student’s years will stand apart with sore kidneys, lungs, a stomach and heart. To be strong, sports and tightened in fifty or sixty years – here that is valid today in fashion and prestige! And everything begins with students.
Arrived healthy, ended the patient

Health in many respects depends on a way of life, the World Health Organization (WHO) also speaks about it. With receipt in institute the rhythm of life of youth changes. And not always to the best.


  • Irregular and improper feeding;
  • Sleep debt;
  • Small physical activity;
  • Long stay in stuffy rooms;
  • Acquisition of addictions (smoking, alcohol, etc.);
  • Constant stresses;
  • Big intellectual loading, sight tension.

Here the list of main “enemies” of student’s health which to overcome will not turn out, but it is possible to reduce their influence on an organism. Let’s deal with everyone.

Food for the student

Gastritis is called a disease of students not for nothing. By the end of study almost all face stomach pains. And it is only the smallest problem with digestion which can develop from improper feeding. Sometimes there is a disease, pancreatitis or stomach ulcer. Besides, there is not always an opportunity to wash up hands before eating on the run sandwich, and the serious infection can get into intestines.

Approximate diet at the student:

In the morning – we eat much not to get hungry quickly (if we are in time);
During the lunchtime – we eat cold food, or we do not eat at all;
After study – again we eat much, last time – at 21-22 o’clock.

So the most optimistic picture looks. Often in the morning of the girl spend time for a make-up, guys – on a dream, and educational problems are solved during the lunchtime. To eat it turns out once a day (evening). Even the strongest stomach will not sustain such violence over itself.
What to do?

Try to eat more often. Hydrochloric acid without food begins to digest mucous a stomach. You should not forget about a lunch, food is “fuel” not only for a body, but also for a brain. Ideally between meals there have to be no more than 4 hours. One more very important rule – never miss a breakfast!
Important point is quality of food. If there is no opportunity to take food from the house, try to find the dining room where there are hot meals. The bowl of soup is not more expensive than a roll and carbonated drink.
If day after all passed on a hungry stomach, compensate it by normal house food. Kissel and porridge will become the real holiday for a stomach.
You should not forget about hygiene. Water and soap can be replaced with spirit napkins or antiseptic hand gel today.

Lack of physical activity

The most part of day students should sit. Lectures, seminars, library, work at the computer and house preparation by tomorrow take place without the movement. Moreover and in the enclosed space. As a result students face such problems:

  • Violation of blood circulation in extremities;
  • Oxygen starvation of important bodies, including brain;
  • Backbone curvature.

But also here himself can be helped:

  • Try to carry out in the movement even short breaks between lectures, never remain to sit at a school desk during a break.
  • You watch a bearing constantly. The direct back is not only beauty, but also normal work of lungs and blood circulation.
  • When you work hard at the computer or read – make small breaks each 40 minutes; care for the eyes.
  • Do not forget about fresh air. It is possible to read a training material and to learn in the park. Any bench on the street will approach for this purpose. And the smallest that can be made is to air the room as often as possible.
  • Fall in love with sport! The thought that big money is for this purpose necessary is only an excuse. Today most large institutes provide to the students for occupations gyms and sections. If there are no those, it is enough to do the simplest exercises of the house. And it is useful to dance under favorite music not only for a body, but also as a hobby.

Several words about clothes

Perhaps, it is not clear to someone how our trousers, undershirts or shoes can affect health. Actually, the clothes are of great importance in our life.

What do girls like to carry? Tight trousers, short jackets and footwear on a high heel. Perhaps, it is beautiful, but is unhealthy. Women of fashion are threatened by a varicosity, diseases of kidneys and an inflammation of female genitals.

What do guys do not like to carry? Warm footwear, a cap and winter linen under trousers. Of course, they will have no varicosity, but to chill ears, and they can quite get infertility.

One more frequent winter illness is pneumonia from which complications can leave a print on health on for the rest of the life.

What to do? To put on on a season. Today it is possible to find clothes which will be not only fashionable, but also convenient in shop.

How not to go crazy?

From the first days of training information falls upon students an avalanche. It is necessary to prepare for occupations at night that leads to a chronic sleep debt. Loosen mentality and stressful situations (examinations, offsets, a repeating an examination). Scientists say that to a third year at many students neurosis develops, and it negatively affects progress and the relation to each other, and also leads to chronic stresses which very negatively affect on health. In addition there can be two extremes: isolation or aggression.

Unfortunately, psychologists are not in all higher education institutions and not everyone can independently go to it. What to do?

It is necessary to alternate intellectual loading to another matters. The brain cannot be in an active state long time, gradually he gets tired. Were distracted by food – already well, it was succeeded to have a sleep 15 minutes – even better. At this time both the reason, and eyes has a rest.
Plan the time and do not leave many debts for the end of a session. All this always to get enough sleep. At a lack of a dream quality of training (and lives) decreases many times.
And again there is a wish to remind of sport. Physical activity forces blood to move on a body, delivering oxygen to all important bodies, especially to a brain.

Several words about what you should not do:

To be distracted by viewing of the TV. Behind this occupation neither eyes, nor a brain have a rest.
To relax by means of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. About it is more detailed …

Alcohol and cigarettes – entertainment?

About what alcohol and tobacco – harm, we know from a school bench, however stops it not all. The statistics says that by the end of study 25% of students smoke though at the first year this figure is 2,5 times less. A little in a different way the situation with alcohol is. According to some information alcoholic drinks are taken to 70% of students. Unfortunately, there are among students also those who use drugs.

What for? For one is a way to relax, for others – a craze, for the third – curiosity. And in most cases the decision to try is influenced by an environment.

The unique time can result in serious dependence. Think of consequences! In about 20 years you will become the malicious smoker or the alcoholic. And with drugs in general long you will not live.

You need to relax? Besides, play sports. If you think that to smoke and drink – abruptly, then very strongly are mistaken. You should not act heroically and prove something to someone. Remember, not to you poorly to try it, but to them poorly to throw!

One more danger which is concealed in itself by alcohol and drugs – decrease in control over itself and an excessive freedom. You remember condoms, the unprotected intimate proximity can become the reason of venereal diseases including AIDS.

Loud music

Not all know that, usually, early relative deafness is a consequence of our way of life. It concerns to fans to listen to very loud music and those who often attend loud concerts and clubs. Noise level over 80 decibels is dangerous to ears (on loudness it is noise in subway cars). At long louder influences, which serve as receptors of acoustical system become useless. You will not feel deterioration in hearing until the quantity of unusable cages does not reach 50%! Then auditory acuity will begin to decrease promptly. Let’s draw conclusions.

  • Limit music loudness, especially in earphones.
  • Never listen to music in noisy transport. Sensitivity of hearing in such situation decreases, and then you want to include a player very loudly.
  • Refuse the most noisy place at a concert (for example, opposite to columns). For you the difference between very loud sound and louder will be hardly noticeable, however it can affect hearing harmful (and, first, it is imperceptible).

You brush teeth twice a day

Yes, and it is very important too:) And it is important to brush teeth evenly from all directions and not a rigid brush. Do not use the bleaching toothpastes if you know nothing about them. At constant use they damage enamel. Excessively careful toothbrushing, too strong pressing on a brush or frequent use of a rough brush and the bleaching paste often leads to emergence of wedge-shaped effect (the neck of tooth weakens and becomes bare), especially on canines which stick out rather other teeth a little. Therefore you brush teeth carefully.

Couple more of important councils for an occasion of teeth:

  • alternate pastes to fluorine and without fluorine;
  • visit the dentist  couple times a year for prevention;
  • the excellent choice – use of an electric toothbrush;
  • if you use a usual brush, then refresh memory, look on the Internet as it is correct to it to brush teeth.

Care of teeth will allow you to avoid many unpleasant things.
To students it is devoted …

Be not afraid to stand out from the crowd and to defend the opinion. Especially if it concerns morals and a healthy lifestyle. Around there will be those who will laugh at you, but there will be also adherents. In about twenty years those who did not think of the life in time, will understand how you were right.