Tesla – great example of green cars

Whether life of the modern person in the large city without car is possible? It is possible, but is quite difficult, considering the existing dynamism of life. Nevertheless, the existing ecological situation, and especially tells quality of atmospheric air in the cities about another – the mankind should refuse privately owned vehicles to keep both the nature, and own health. Or to make the car safe for the nature, but at the same time powerful, comfortable and inexpensive. And there is already a lot of examples of such cars, one of the best among them is the Tesla car. Still rather recently any electric car for modern motorists was represented as the low-power, expensive toy having a heap of minuses among which there is the minimum stock of the course, need of frequent charging, low speed, thin wheels and others. However, all this was before emergence of the Tesla model.

white tesla model s

That Tesla offers the modern motorist the Tesla Car (Tesla S model).

Technical characteristics the First and main plus of the supercar – it works only with the help of an electric motor, i.e. it is not the hybrid car, with the spare petrol engine, so it is safest for the environment. High high-speed characteristics cars it is capable to disperse to the speed of 100 km/h in seconds. The company does not use expensive metals for production of the engine that is additional plus for its environmental friendliness. Power in the maximum complete set – 416 h.p. Time of a charge can make only 4 hours, and a course stock at the same time about 400 km. The maximum indicators of safety which are reached by lack of the motor, hinged units, existence of 8 safety cushions, additional brake systems. The system feeding the battery is disconnected at accident. Natural and only minus of the electric vehicle is its high cost: from 50 thousand dollars that is defined by a complete set.

However, it should be noted that the car, modern, comfortable, safe, fast, and besides friendly to the environment, cannot cost little. And motorists of the whole world agree with it what rapid growth of popularity, so and sales of the Tesla car testifies worldwide to. Now the total run of all cars of the Tesla brand reached already 6 billion kilometers that according to the estimates of the American EPA allowed to prevent about 1,3 million tons of emissions of CO2. Agree, figure impressive while sales of the popular electric car began only about 4 years ago. This year, in the USA the record of sales of eco-friendly cars was broken.

About 45 thousand electric vehicles and hybrids were sold only from July to September of the current month that exceeds indicators for all 2015. Let’s note that as the reason which induced to pass the population to “green” cars not care of the environment, but banal increase in prices for fuel is called.